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5 min readDec 31, 2021

2021 year in review

🦠 Omicron

We thought this was the recovery year…. until another Greek alphabet ( a peculiar side effect of coronavirus) upended all attention. If you are familiar with the Greek alphabet you may also be wondering why a couple letters were skipped before Omicron 👀

💻 Log4j

And if you thought things couldn’t get any worse, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… just before Xmas, cyber Santa brought a present that nobody wants that descended into cyberspace. Log4J, a cyber security vulnerability, has the cybersecurity industry scrambling as it set the internet on fire upon discovery just before Xmas.

How bad is Log4j? It can be best explained in 4 memes …

It’s really, really bad, like 10/10 bad on the scale of critical vulnerabilities and will likely keep cybersecurity folks busy for the next couple of years as everyone learns how important patching and software inventory management really is amongst other best practice. Boards of directors will definitely get involved as cyber security has become a board level obligation and this is not going away anytime soon.

oh, and to top it off, not everyone knows they are using this piece of software or what really needs to be patched across the supply chain while everyone continues to conduct their software archeological discovery 👀

10/10 means it’s easily accessible, kids can Google instructions, scan for vulnerabilities and take over servers with a simple script.

So, my advice.. pretty much 👉 UpDATE EVERYTHING you have that is connected to the internet….

  • All software on your laptops, operating systems, browsers, applications…
  • All software on your mobile phone
  • Everything IoT, smart tv, voice assistants, manufacturing control panels

Then keep checking for new updates …because there’s 25 years of Java,

🔳⛓ 🖼🪙👾The future is decentralized | DAO’s, NFTs, Web3, DeFi, blockchain gaming ecosystems and the metaverse.

On the positive side, 2021 has been a year decentralized technologies really started to take another leap forward with the rise of NFTs, Web3, DeFi and the metaverse.

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization shattered all previous records, garnering further participation from unlikely players, accelerating mainstream adoption and acceptance.

Sovereign nations are also embracing alternative currencies and capital raising, adopting Bitcoin as legal tender,

with El Salvador leading the way,

followed by Myanmar.

🤖 We have run out of chips, the semiconductor type

The 2020 — 2022 global chip shortage is an ongoing crisis in which the demand for integrated circuits (semiconductor chips) is greater than the supply, affecting more than 169 industries, predominately crippling the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

Cars, laptops, robotics, video game consoles and other products that require semiconductors are all competing for chips. The metaverse needs chips also …

🌱 Global Sustainability

3 carbon-negative countries have signed a formal alliance and calling for preferential trade and international support

🔬🐁♾ A quantum entanglement | Schrödinger’s Tardigrade

Meanwhile, it seems that Ripper, the tardigrade from StarTrek discovery may have inspired theoretical physics in the real world. In StarTrek, Ripper became the ships navigator to jump through the mycelial network when it was discovered that Ripper had a symbiotic relationship to the ships spore drive spores and an innate knowledge of the mycelial network.

The theory:

The presence of two superconducting qubits beside the tardigrade strengthens the case for the existence of entanglement — here it appears the creature is in superposition with one |0> qubit and one |1> qubit.

🙏👽 Religion and aliens

What else can upstage a pandemic … NASA brings religion to space …

It’s been a hectic year for everyone 🙈

Hope 2022 is a brighter year for us all 🖖

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