Well, here is one way to kick start the economy… job creation for everyone!

A thousand paper cuts by 3rd party vendor privacy and security risk assessment questionnaires, becomes a great reflection of infosec teams sending them out as much as it is for the recipient(s) painfully responding … how much do you actually hate your suppliers..?

There is a fine balance between assuring security and a pragmatic amount of supporting paperwork 🙄

After spending a good portion of pandemic 2020, intimately reviewing over 968 privacy and security controls. I found myself opening a Pandora’s box that lead me to…

Put the beer down. You are being stalked and tracked everywhere you go, and it’s gradually dawning upon the rest of us just how big of a problem this really is.

I’m talking about the risk to our Privacy. The right not to be tracked to the pub, or have our personal information leveraged beyond its primary use without our consent, either as an individual, as a community, as a city, or as a society as a whole.

You are being tracked everywhere you go by many companies, data brokers, and hackers. If we thought about comparing real-world tracking vs…

Freedom through trade relations

A positive outcome from the pandemic is that it gave rise to new ways of doing business, connecting through global networks, innovating the future of trade, money & society 🖖💸

Technology enables us to mobilize the planet’s resources and bring together human ingenuity to fight this and future crises. The value of trade and globalization in fighting this and future crises needs further promotion and support.

Despite some governments not getting along, externally as well as internally, it doesnt always mean people don’t get along. It’s actually on the contrary so its paramount to rise above…

Mycelia networks, the internet beneath our feet, around us and inside us could hold the secret for designing self-healing networks.

  • In nature, connecting plants and the ecosystem
  • In humans as Immune support, stamina, longevity
  • In systems that are distributed and decentralised

Fungi are predominantly made up of “mycelium” — an underground decentralized intelligence network described by Paul Stamets as “earth’s natural internet.”

It’s as complicated as bitcoin is a living system constantly changing based on environmental stimuli, a moving target unlikely to ever be hit.

2020 in review, has been the most edutainment year in history. It’s the year the world went mad.

It’s the year of experts

We became philosophical in the midst of a common threat

moving from pandemic to plandemic

But not before the panic buying set in

Most of us leveled up our domestic skills

Zoom became a verb

We learnt about PPE and some participated in its trade

And what it means when global supply chains are over clocked, then failed multiple stress tests

and exposed the cracks in our political systems

demonstrating that global connectedness is a positive thing…

An expert…. has gone from those who know the most, to those who can get the best possible information, in the most efficient way possible…

Asset Management is like peas on your plate …. 🍽🥦 It’s probably better not to keep pushing them around the plate. At some point, it needs to be dealt with … 🙄 and it’s prudent to manage your assets in a way that allows you to maintain the most optimal operations and maintenance solution, to sweat your assets with a level of acceptable risk to the organisation while extracting the most value as possible. But you can not afford to do this blindly, remember that the truth is in the data.

In my opinion in this day and age, Data…

🦢💣 What do black swans, ICT systems, psychology and events have in common?

Unpredictable surprises, causing massive impact, subjecting us all to hindsight bias.

Most people expect all swans to be white because that’s what their experience tells them; a black swan is therefore by definition a surprise. In my experience having worked with various legacy ICT systems across enterprise and government, I can confirm that systems can be just as unpredictable and a surprise as much as people and events of unpredictable great impact.

As ICT postmortems go, the best value is derived from other people’s surprise outages and…

Patterns in nature are telling us more than what we see…

Nature has a fascinating way of arranging itself. You can see the patterns in nature if you pay attention. What is outside of us is also inside of us..

Patterns are an outward manifestation of an ordered structure and are clues as to how things are organised and connected.

A kaleidoscope of visual patterns surrounds us everyday. From ❄️ snowflakes, 🌲 trees branching, ⚡️ lightning, and 🌿 ferns (fractals), to pine cones, 🍍 pineapples, 🌪hurricanes (spirals), to patterns on 🦒 a giraffe, 🌽 corn on the cob, 🐝🍯 honeycombs…

The irony of a pandemic …

We are humanity, the foreign virus originating as cells dividing and multiplying over hundreds of centuries grafting ourselves to Mother Earth as she helps incubate our evolution into a symbiotic relationship, co-existing but often we take more than what we give.

Change is imminent. The cracks in current society were emerging as we struggle to maintain now legacy governance models, systems that we are clearly outgrowing, no longer suitable to scale with the evolution of modern society and held together fragilely with band-aids.

At times we have proven to be the adolescent rat bags…


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