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Bringing sci-fi to reality… 1 scene at a time 🖖 by merging design aesthetics, engineering and sustainability to imagine a smarter future.

With a product background, futurist mindset, and abundance thinking, I’m always exploring alternative ways to create new innovative propositions that rethink how we do things today aiming to solve today’s problems in the most practical way possible, while recalling concepts seen in futuristic science fiction movies to trigger the imagination. Check out my sci-fi recommendation list here …

The trick is, how do we bring futuristic ideas back to reality in a commercially viable and sustainable way. I’m often drawn to thought leaders and brands with the ability to communicate their visions of the future.


I’ve been sharing the Corning’s future vision videos since 2011, envisioning glass to enable a world that delivers seamless real-time information leveraging communications networks with sleek, durable, aesthetically pleasing surfaces embedded with complex electronic circuits and nano functionality.

Corning is the leader in specialty glass and ceramics, with over 150 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge. The company’s keystone components enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences.

Day 1 made in glass by Corning

Day 2 made in glass by Corning

3D printing

Beyond just printing an object, 3D printing has the power to unlock a prosperous and sustainable future.

Lin Kayser at Hyperganic is leader in additive manufacturing pushing the boundaries in his field through building generative design software to 3D print objects as complex as nature. Engineering and art fuses functional design with aesthetics, with further insights from nature enabling sustainable design.

Futurist and hacker, Pablos Holman’s passion for 3D printing extends to creating multi-dimensional architectural models or machine manufacturing. Think along the lines of the food replicator as seen in StarTrek. Pablos prints food, a project fueled by his desire to improve the incredibly inefficient way developed countries produce food.


Many retailers are experiencing the change in consumer buying behaviors, what has worked yesterday will not longer drive consumer spend. Many brands are now rethinking the entire retail experience.

Amazon leads the way by rethinking the payments experience and making it disappear towards “frictionless payments”.

Corning imagines an immersive future of retail experience through leveraging glass to enhance the buying experience within a retail store.


Miquela is an instagram star and she is CGI. Miquela has many Instagram followers who are aware she is not a real person influenced by the clothing and lifestyle brands she promotes.

Future of Entertainment

A cruelty free circus

Amy Winehouse hologram tour

Movie script written by AI

Future of Food

The need for innovation in food is driven by sustainability. By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach ~ 9.6 billion with demand for food expected to increase by ~14% per decade. ~70% increase in production by 2050. For context, we will consume as much food in the next four decades as we have consumed in the previous few hundred years.

Future of Societies

Rethinking future societies from a resource based economy. The Venus Project offers a systems approach to intelligently manage Earth’s resources for all inhabitants, human and otherwise.

more on future societies…


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