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5 min readApr 17, 2020

The irony of a pandemic …

We are humanity, the foreign virus originating as cells dividing and multiplying over hundreds of centuries grafting ourselves to Mother Earth as she helps incubate our evolution into a symbiotic relationship, co-existing but often we take more than what we give.

Change is imminent. The cracks in current society were emerging as we struggle to maintain now legacy governance models, systems that we are clearly outgrowing, no longer suitable to scale with the evolution of modern society and held together fragilely with band-aids.

At times we have proven to be the adolescent rat bags, misbehaving at every opportunity in the pursuit of a higher purpose?We fight each other for relevance, power and domination, for economic wealth, manipulations over global supply chains and to securing trade routes, driving the ages of empires that have erupted into wars like that pimple you just need to pop. But to what end?

Under time constraints we quickly add toothpaste on that pimple, a quick-fix as we see governments scrambling to patch and delay the inevitable economic downfall, like watching a train crash that will plunge the world into a Great Depression.

Spending by country


Our memories are failing us as it’s clearly been too long since the last lesson as we are taken off guard with an unexpected invisible war and find ourselves displaced from our every norm at global scale.

We have been grounded like the naughty children we are, locked in our rooms until we learn to behave and reflect within ourselves, reminding us that the choices we make now could change our lives for years to come.

This has happened before as we look back in human history to help predict the future …. yet unfortunately some of us seem to not be learning from past mistakes

Could it possibly be weird science … 🤷‍♀️ some of us are looking for linkages in science between biology, energy and frequencies

Ultimately some answers can be found in our DNA..

While we are inside.. what is happening outside ..?

As a positive outcome it seems like the earth has taken draconian measures to protect itself and heal from what human population has taken for granted… are we earth’s virus and she’s trying to shake off that itch.. 🌏🤔🤷‍♀️

When the silence began it was almost deafening as we were thrusted into buying only bare necessities, wow all of a sudden our economy is on the fast track to collapse. We find ourselves popping that next bigger GFC pimple much earlier than expected. The global financial house of cards were starting to fall and Covid19 will be the most unlikely scapegoat to mask the eruption and fallout. It wasn’t us … much like Milli Vanilli, the powers that be will blame it on Covid19.

As Winston Churchill always said, let’s not waste a good crisis 🙌

Manpower issues and shutdowns are impacting value chains globally, our reliance on the shipment of humans and goods across the globe can no longer be relied upon as we face time pressures to provide bare necessities to our local communities.

Demand and supply behaviors are changing, pioneering innovation of new business models, how we manage supply chains and deliver customer centric service and experiences.

  • Cashless payments & contactless delivery in demand
  • Effective operations supporting fresh food delivery to reduce spoilage moving towards zero waste culture
  • The need for more efficient supply chains are creating the most unlikely partnerships
  • Demand for greater health focused services as society prioritise their health
  • Knowledge is power and education is the key as we draw on our humanity for empathy and compassion and seek ways to best look after the most vulnerable in our societies
  • Citizen journalism is putting power back to the people from the compelling need to dispel fake news, holding governments to be more transparent
  • Biggest working from home experiment at global scale will depend on telecommunications infrastructure, products and services more than ever
  • Future growth of PPE as an industry

Covid19 is driving the global digital transformation out of necessity, while we are forced to change the way we work that will become the new world.

This pandemic is just the beginning that will create the next wave of change, from biological virus to virtual technological virus… be prepared for what’s to come … be careful of what you click on…

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