Well, here is one way to kick start the economy… job creation for everyone!

A thousand paper cuts by 3rd party vendor privacy and security risk assessment questionnaires, becomes a great reflection of infosec teams sending them out as much as it is for the recipient(s) painfully responding … how much do you actually hate your suppliers..?

There is a fine balance between assuring security and a pragmatic amount of supporting paperwork 🙄

After spending a good portion of pandemic 2020, intimately reviewing over 968 privacy and security controls. I found myself opening a Pandora’s box that lead me to…


Futurist | Technologist | Entrepreneur | Humanist | AI Robotics Automation Cybersecurity 👩🏻‍💻📡🛰🖖🤖⛓🕳🐇 www.justaskpenny.com #movinghumansupthevaluechain

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